Need a Name for a Half Maltese Half Yorkshire Terrier

A reader just sent me an email and i thought my readers could help...

She says, "I'm hoping you can find me a silly but awesome puppy name. My friend has a hedgehog pup that she named Chronic the Hemp Hog. Isn't that hilarious!

My dog will be a male morkie which is half maltese and half yorkshire terrier. One of my friends thought the name Morkie Mork and the Furry Bunch was cute.

If you come up with a long silly name, please help me with a nickname too. The name can't be offensive or X-rated and it needs to be kid-friendly. I don't want my veterinarian to give me dirty looks when I bring him in!

If you could offer up a list of names I would be so happy"

So readers, what do you think?

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