4 Tips for Naming Your New Puppy

Naming Your New Puppy

So the saying goes... what's in a name?

The name you choose for your new puppy can say a lot about you and a lot about how others will view you and your dog. People will judge your dog's personality by the name that you give him. Calling your dog "Killer" or "Danger" for example may make you feel safe and secure at home, but the truth is that your beloved canine may also be perceived as a menace to the community, simply because of his name!

There are a few simple guidelines for picking out the perfect puppy name. Follow these suggestions and you'll discover a name that sounds just right.

#1 KISS (Keep it Short and Simple)

You'll want to keep your pup's name short and simple for a couple of reasons. First, dogs tend to respond best to short commands and can get puzzled by long words. Keep your puppy's name short and simple, one or two syllables at most, and your puppy is sure to respond. Keep in mind that you can register a pure-bred puppy with a long name but still call him by his "pet name." Second, You are going to be using your puppy's name lots and lots of times each day so a short and simple name will be easier for you to use often.

#2 Your Puppy Will Not Always Be a Puppy

Your new puppy won't always be this a puppy, so keep in mind that you are choosing a DOG name also. Naming a St. Bernard pupy "Tickles" for example may seem like a smart choice when she's a baby, however you may regret it when she's 150 pounds!

#3 Get Some Help From the Pup

Yep, your little cutie can help choose his own name! Just take a good close look at him and focus on his personality. Does he have a grin or perhaps a bounce? Use his traits to help determine his name.

#4 Consider Your Pup's Heritage

If you have a purebred puppy then his breed likely originated in a particular country. If you have a Rottweiler or German Shepherd then a German dog name might be a neat choice. The same concept would go for your French Bulldog or Chinese Sharpei. Let your pup's heritage determine his name.

I hope these ideas helped, but the main thing is to show your new pup lots of love - enjoy your new puppy!

Puppy Names Database

Database of Puppy Names

I just discovered a puppy names database that contains over 6000 puppy names to choose from.

That many dog names may seem like a lot, but this website has organized the names into specific categories and lists. Some of the categories for puppy names are Favorite, Famous, and Foreign/Ethnic Puppy Names.

Puppy Name Suggestions for a "Buggy Puggy"

What to Name a Pug

I always thought that a name like Mr. Magoo or Buggy would be a cute name for a Pug. Pugs are easily identified by their naturally protruding eyeballs, so why not just make light of the obvious and give your pug a name that reflects that reality?

The eye sockets of Pugs are super shallow (so shallow that the eyes could actually pop out in certain situations) so name him "Buggy" or something similar. Just a thought...

Speaking of eyesight, did you know that the statement "all dogs are color blind" is a complete and total myth? Yep, dogs are able to see color - just not like humans for a couple of very good reasons: 1) dogs have a lot less cone cells in their retina which are necessary for seeing color; and 2) dogs are dichromatic which means they can see only two primary colors - blue and yellow.

Dogs do have a much higher concentration of rod cells however - the cells responsible for distinguishing black from white and for seeing in lower light conditions. Because of this, dogs have much better night vision than most people.

It goes without saying that dogs cannot have their vision deficiencies corrected with eyeglasses like humans can. When humans need glasses, they should heed the advice of Eric Hammer and buy their shades from Zenni Optical. This company puts out a top quality product for as little as 8 bucks a pair.

What will you name your puppy?

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